Sensual Prostate Massage Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

Hi There, Thank you for your interest in my sensual bodywork and highly skilled prostate massage services in beautiful Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona, I look forward to meeting you!

A little about me ~ I was born in Los Angeles in the summer of ’69 but was adopted and grew up on a small family ranch out on the high plains of Eastern Montana outside Billings with golden retrievers, American quarter horses, and a huge garden. My Dad hunted Montana elk and we grew most of the vegetables that we ate. My little brother now ranches near Edgar, Montana where the infamous Edgar Bar is located. If you ever find yourself up in that area you must have a beer at the Edgar Bar!

After high school, I spent a year as a live-in nanny in lovely Santa Cruz, CA, and then moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Comparative History of Ideas and spent a year teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic which was one of the best years of my life. I was lucky enough to travel extensively throughout Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey and the British Isles.

I returned to Washington and spent the rest of my 20’s in ‘Grunge Music Era’ and then the new Microsoft tech evolution of Seattle. It was a wonderful, creative, and inspiring time in my life full of amazing music, west coast old school liberal ideals and early radical sex positive feminism which shapes my social mores and values to this day despite the complexity of our political system and all of the increasing tension and government corruption that has ensued of late through the Covid debacle, etc. (I love discussing such ideas so consider booking a Wine Date with me and we can enjoy some good conversation!

I have moved around the country quite a bit since college. I spent four years in New York City, nine years in Austin, Texas, made my way to lovely Tucson and then up to the Phoenix Arizona area just as Covid hit which was extremely difficult. I have come to love the city metroplex very much despite the sweltering summer heat. I am now located near Old Town Scottsdale which I love. Phoenix is a vibrant, growing city with a strong sense of freedom which I appreciate as a Montana girl.

I am 5’9” with all-natural curves 😉 I am very health conscious and eat mostly home-cooked whole foods and try to moderate my passion for a lovely bottle of wine, craft beer, and happy hour cocktail spots around the city of which there are SO MANY!

People often inquire about my cultural heritage and being adopted, I never knew for sure but recently did the ancestry DNA test and am basically a Euro-Mutt with a fairly equal mix of British, Irish, Norwegian, German, French, and Italian.

I am well-traveled, caring, interesting to talk to, and a great listener. I love to cook, explore new places, visit dear friends and family who are scattered around the country, great film, books, yoga, hiking and pilates.

People often ask me how I got into my current line of work. When I returned to Seattle from the Czech Republic in ’96, I worked as a certified nursing assistant specializing in end of life in-home care for a few years (which is very intimate work as well) before venturing into sensual massage because a friend of mine told me I would be good at it. (LOL) I also tried stripping, dancing at the Infamous Lusty Lady Peep Show in Seattle, and eventually developed my unique form of sensual ‘body to body’ massage and powerful prostate stimulation which I have been perfecting ever since.

I now call myself The ‘P-Spot’ Whisperer and am venturing into teaching my skills to other professional massage practitioners and couples who wish to learn more about the magical male ‘G-Spot.’ If you are interested in booking a couples session you must first have your female counterpart call me to discuss.

I have also just finished real estate school in Scottsdale so ask me about that new enterprise which I am very excited about!

Thank You for taking the time to read about my journey.
I look forward to meeting and getting to know YOU!

Love, Jennadea ~ Jen