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Tantric Massage in Tucson

I take a holistic approach to all of my massage experiences, and I include elements of tantric massage in all of my sessions. 

We can incorporate tantric massage in smaller portions by simply being present and not rushing, or your whole massage experience can be a tantric massage experience. I’m all about crafting a unique and fulfilling experience for you!

Generally speaking, a tantric massage engages your senses and requires you to be fully present and attentive during the experience. Tantric massage is an energetic massage experience that focuses on sensual and sexual energy and learning how to move that energy throughout the body using the breath and touch. 

The results of tantra massage include feeling euphoric, connected, light-hearted, and fully relaxed. 

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Tantra is an ancient  spiritual practice based on energetic exchange. This is achieved via different methods, including deep breathing and other sacred practices, which include touch. 

Tantric massage is a full body sensual massage that stimulates the flow of energy within your body. The whole body is massaged, including those areas that are more sensitive to pleasure. 

You’ll be fully relaxed and coached through various breathing techniques to help increase your relaxation and move sensual energy through your body. 

Your tantric massage in Tucson will take place in my Zen Den! It’s a wonderfully relaxing space that’s dimly lit and encourages you to relax. It’s a safe space where you can feel free to let go and release. 

Please do come freshly showered. If you need to shower before we get started, please let me know in advance. You’re welcome to shower at the Zen Den. 

I’d also recommend using the bathroom before we get started, as it’s a lot easier to relax when you don’t have to use the bathroom. 

It’s truly an indescribable feeling! Euphoric, relaxed, energized and revived are words often used to describe a tantric massage, but you’ll really have to find out for yourself!

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