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I’m sure you’re here because you’ve heard about the legendary pleasures and health benefits that come with prostate (p-spot) massage. Perhaps you’ve even tried yourself, but were left wondering what the big deal is. Are you ready to try prostate massage with an expert in Tucson?

It can indeed be difficult to achieve the level of relaxation that’s necessary to truly enjoy p-spot stimulation! Luckily, I’m a well-practiced and licensed massage therapist who knows exactly what it takes to get you to relax and open yourself up to new sensations and experiences!

I use a combination of my hands and toys in order to deliver an intensely pleasurable and relaxing experience. Do you have specific questions about prostate massage in Tucson? Check out the FAQ below!

There are actually lots of health benefits that come along with regular prostate massage.

While the  medical research has been limited to small sample studies,  there is anecdotal evidence that prostate massage can help people experiencing the following issues:

  • painful ejaculation
  • urinary dysfunction
  • erectile dysfunction
  • prostatitis

If you are having pain or experiencing certain dysfunctions, please see a doctor. I am NOT a medical professional and this advice is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition you may have.

Outside of medical benefits, there are lots of sensually focused benefits that come along with prostate massage:

  • shortened refractory period (the amount of time between orgasming and being able to become erect again)
  • more intense orgasms

While I can’t tell you first-hand what a prostate massage feels like, lots of people with prostates report intense sensation that often feels like an extremely pleasurable pressure that starts internally and spreads through the body.

If you are new to prostate massage, it can take time and multiple sessions for your body to acclimate to this new sensation.

 What I see in my sessions is that prostate massage can produce pleasurable, long-lasting, and intense orgasms.

Ready to try it out? See my rates here!

If done correctly, there should be no pain whatsoever.  If you experience pain or discomfort during a prostate massage, you should alert your practitioner so that adjustments can me made to increase your comfort. 

Intense prostate pain/discomfort should be addressed by a medical professional.

Generally speaking, eating a diet high in fiber really helps out a lot. Douching/enema clean-outs are also recommended so that we can have a clean and mess-free experience. 

You can, but this often takes time and practice. Some people may experience prostate orgasms during their first experience, though this is an exception and not the rule.

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prostate massage in tucson

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